Here are some frequently asked questions about our services…

We make a profit by recycling and reusing your equipment, therefore most of our clients get our services free of charge. If we are unable to make enough revenue from your unwanted equipment, we will let you know before collection and will provide a quote for the services if necessary, without any obligation from you.

Whether or not we charge a fee depends on the amount and physical state of the equipment you have for recycling, as well as your location and the service level you require. Contact us if you have further questions.

We cover the whole of mainland UK.

We may offer to buy IT equipment, depending on the resale potential. that holds value. Please let us know what IT equipment you have to sell and we will let you know what we can offer.

Contact us if you have further questions.

Any IT equipment that has been data cleansed will be reused. Any devices which are faulty, too old or obsolete will be destroyed and then broken down for zero waste to landfill materials recycling.

Contact us if you have further questions.

No, we take care of all collections, recycling and data destruction in house.

Our vehicles operate across the whole of the UK, so we can usually collect either the same day or within a few days. We can also collect outside of standard working hours to ensure minimum disruption to your staff and operation.

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We guarantee the destruction of all data from every item of IT equipment we collect. This includes the removal of any traces of previous device ownership. We have various data destruction methods available.

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Our main area of expertise is data destruction. IT recycling is simply a by-product of it. We adhere to a strict Data Security Risk Assessment Control Plan which ensures any risks are assessed and steps put in place to eliminate them.

We don’t specifically require items to be boxed or palletised although it usually speeds up the loading process.

Our services are GDPR and WEEE compliant.

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*Most of our clients enjoy a free service. If the equipment you have for recycling won’t generate enough revenue to cover our costs, we’ll offer a quote at the time of booking.